Clay Rivers, Author

For over thirty years, Clay Rivers has communicated stories as a writer, designer, and performer. His professional experiences give him a well-rounded base from which to draw. Clay is keenly aware that in order for a message to resonate with its intended audience, it must connect with both the public’s head and heart. And the most lasting connections always begin with story.

Clay’s nonfiction writing entertains with sharp wit, enlightens with subtle revelation, and inspires via quiet whispers. His credo of self-acceptance while embracing life’s challenges is a constant thread in his work, sometimes laid out for all the world to see and at other times veiled.

As an art director for Walt Disney World Resort Design and Cast Communications, The Disney Stores, Disney Imagineering, and Disney Consumer Products, Clay’s aesthetic is rooted in the classics with a touch of whimsy that sidesteps trite and trendy and zeroes in on relevance.

In a myriad of Walt Disney World productions, the beloved Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and many television and film appearances, his offerings are consistent and authentic interpretations of his director’s visions.

Now as the design principal of Constant Rose Publishing, Clay pours out his wealth of practical knowledge and insight into human nature in helping his clients reach and exceed their intended communication goals in words, pictures, and products … with a huge, infectious smile!

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